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The operators of the control center mainly focus on the large screen and the display screen on the control console, and the visual distance and angle will affect the personnel's access to relevant information and operational comfort. Therefore, comprehensive consideration should be given based on the perspective of the large screen and the control environment.

According to human anatomy, the human eye is a fixed focal optical system with a horizontal angle of 46 ° and a vertical angle of 36 °. When the eye is rotated, the field of view of a single eye can reach 188 °, the maximum horizontal field of view of both eyes is 156 °, the vertical field of view is 120 °, the clear field of view is 35 ° horizontally and 20 ° vertically, and the maximum non cumulative field of view of both eyes is 124 ° horizontally and 50 ° vertically.

The visual distinction of the human eye is divided into concentrated field of view, primary field of view, and secondary field of view. A screen that meets the three field of view can be called a visual large screen. However, the secondary field of view does not need to be 100% satisfied. If the secondary field of view exceeds 50%, it is considered satisfied. A visual large screen generally refers to a screen with a horizontal perspective greater than 110 ° or a vertical perspective greater than 90 ° at a certain viewing distance

For example, a screen with a viewing distance of 0.5m and a screen width greater than 1.428m is a large screen; A screen with a viewing distance of 20m and a screen width of 20m is also a small screen. Watching a large screen can provide a better sense of immersion and presence, but close range viewing requires the pixel spacing of the screen to be smaller than the resolution of the retina in order to have a sense of realism.

The usual definition is that horizontal 0~30 Å and vertical 0~15 Å are the concentrated field of view, horizontal 0~46 Å and vertical 0~36 Å are the main field of view, and horizontal 46~156 Å and vertical 36~120 Å are the secondary field of view.

When the screen size exceeds a horizontal viewing angle of 32 Å or a vertical viewing angle of 18 Å, people will feel tired when watching for a long time. Therefore, each fixed size flat screen must correspond to the most comfortable viewing distance, and each fixed viewing distance also corresponds to an extreme size flat screen

Based on this calculation, the screen size corresponding to a viewing distance of 2m is about 50 inches, the screen size corresponding to a viewing distance of 3m is about 75 inches, the screen size corresponding to a viewing distance of 4m is about 101 inches, and the screen size corresponding to a viewing distance of 5m is about 127 inches. At this corresponding viewing distance, the screen size perceived by the eyes is the same, that is, watching a 50 inch TV at a viewing distance of 2m and watching a 127 inch TV at a viewing distance of 5m makes the eyes feel the same size.

The perception of screen size by the human eye is determined by the viewing distance. For example, a mobile phone display screen with a pixel spacing of less than 0.04mm, which is seven or eight inches, can not only maintain high definition when viewed at 250mm, but also obtain a larger screen feel, especially better than a regular 50 inch screen at a distance of 2m.

The top one-third of the display screen on the console is parallel to or below the line of sight, with a minimum distance of 450 from the human eye, approximately arm length.

The top of the monitoring console should be slightly lower than the visual acuity level of a normal sitting posture (1.2-1.25m) from the ground, so that the command center's large screen, desktop display, and operation table do not affect or interfere with each other, making it convenient for monitoring personnel to use and improving work efficiency.

The angle between the display screen on the monitoring console and the monitoring personnel should be as vertical as possible. Although the visual angle of the display screen can reach 178 degrees, a too large angle can also cause the monitoring personnel to turn their heads, have unclear images, or be affected by glare during observation. Therefore, the angle between the operator and the screen on the console should not exceed 30 degrees.

The human eye is equivalent to a camera with a focal length of 17-23mm that can automatically focus on the scene. Close up (or close up) scenes appear large, while far away (or far away) scenes appear small. Whether a large screen is based on the viewing distance and screen size, whether it is clear depends on the viewing distance and screen pixel spacing, and whether it is real depends on the clarity and color gamut of the screen.

A certain viewing distance, screen size, pixel spacing, display surface curvature, combined with high color gamut, high contrast, high grayscale level, and high sharpness, these parameters can be reasonably combined to make people relatively comfortable to see the screen and obtain the required information.




The control panel activity area is designed and developed according to ergonomics, taking into account the range of activities and movements of most people in the work environment. The determination of console width also depends on the dynamic dimensions of the human body.

The control center is a workplace, and its design should conform to the characteristics of human physics, psychology, and ergonomics, creating a suitable environment for the work of operators. At the same time, the control center is also a part of the production equipment, and it should ensure that production monitoring operations can be safe and effective under the interaction of humans and machines.

In a sitting position, the distance of hand movement depends on the height of the current operating table. The height range of the horizontal line of sight for a person's sitting position is between 952mm and 1157mm, with an average of 1054.5mm. Therefore, the height of the sitting line of sight designed for the Anlps console is 1060mm, and the feet can be adjusted by 50mm. Therefore, 1060 is the optimal vertical height for the sitting line of sight.

The best operating activity space for the hands of a seated person is within 300mm, while the normal operating activity space is within 450mm, and the effective operating activity space is 600mm, while ensuring the visual range of the line of sight. The same applies to the design of the bottom cabinet.




During the one-year warranty period, except for human damage, we provide a free warranty. After the warranty period expires, we will charge reasonable repair and replacement parts fees according to the standard.

We have a hotline service hotline for use in case of malfunctions, and you can receive our timely response at any time. Our service hotline response time is within 3 hours. After receiving your request notification, we will definitely notify the customer of the service plan and action arrangement within 1 hour by phone or fax, and rush to the site for service within the specified time.

Anlps will provide timely online answers to all customer inquiries, as well as offline follow-up visits, to provide professional solution design and finished product illustrations for customers.

Anlps provides a one-year warranty and lifelong maintenance for all its products. Any problems can be solved by assigning professional after-sales engineers for on-site installation, debugging, and technical maintenance.

Anlps has a hotline service hotline, and you can call for technical guidance free of charge at any time. We will also respond promptly within 1 hour.

Our team is ready for the design, construction, and upgrade of the control center console. We will actively cooperate with the construction work of each link in the control center, optimize the performance of your control center to a greater extent, and save costs. We need more time and communication to understand the understanding of users and operators towards the control center. Through information exchange, we can gain a deeper understanding of the current and future needs of operators and users. We not only consider the overall requirements of the client's project, but also carefully consider every external factor that affects the console. Taking into account comprehensive factors such as indoor decoration environment, staff operation process, equipment specifications and dimensions, and project cost, we will develop the most suitable complete console solution for you from design to specific implementation.


With the development of science and technology, the modernization level of enterprises is increasing, and various modern equipment applications are also increasing. The application of intelligent networks has greatly improved operational efficiency. However, these devices and networks may encounter various problems during operation, and the operation situation also needs to be monitored and controlled by information managers. The process flow of enterprise operation requires manual unified command and scheduling.

The control console is the device that workers are most frequently exposed to, operating objects such as keyboards, mice, telephones, controllers, consoles, displays, bookshelves, buttons, electronic desks, water cups, etc., all of which require a reasonable installation position. In order to make the equipment easy to operate, the layout is reasonable, and the workers work for a long time without feeling tired, it provides the best comfort and accessibility for operators.

The centralized control command center can be divided into many categories according to the actual application environment and requirements, and the centralized control center plays a very important role in the operation process of each system.

For example, the configuration of control consoles in aviation control centers, satellite launch centers, and enterprise control centers: desktop equipment installation boxes have been specially designed for the environment, which can install various devices such as display screens, audio and video devices, call devices, buttons, etc. The powerful customization functions can meet the process application needs of users for system monitoring, command, and scheduling.

Network monitoring center, bank data center, power dispatch center, dispatch command center, combat command center traffic management center, administrative management center public security 110 command center, securities trading center: basic console configuration requirements include embedded installation of host, display, keyboard tray, electronic desk, telephone, walkie talkie, communication equipment, buttons, and operation equipment, etc

Property management center, video monitoring center, broadcasting and broadcasting center, security center: The basic configuration requirements for the control console include a host, display screen, telephone, walkie talkie, audio adjustment equipment, etc.

因为用心 所以安心

Li Suli once said, "Doing things seriously only means getting things right, and doing things with heart can do them well." As long as you focus on doing things, you will definitely surpass those who have strong abilities but lack dedication. Anlps thinks of what the enterprise thinks, designs what the enterprise thinks, and creates what the casting enterprise achieves. Ma Steel is no exception.

Ma Steel (Group) Holding Co., Ltd. (referred to as Ma Steel) is a super large steel joint enterprise in China and the largest industrial enterprise in Anhui Province. Ma Steel is known as the one flower in Jiangnan, and various flowers and technological flowers bloom in the garden like factory. Over the past 40 years of reform and opening up, the people of Magang have used their wisdom and practice to irrigate the "Jiangnan Flower". Entering a new era, Ma Steel has sounded the horn of high-quality development. Nowadays, the "Jiangnan Flower" is becoming more and more beautiful as it blooms.

In the early stage of scheme design, we had in-depth communication with the user, and the staff gave us a detailed introduction to the past and future of Ma Steel.

In December 1964 and May 1965, Zhou Chiping, former Deputy Minister of Metallurgy, visited Ma Steel twice to inspect and guide work. Especially on her second visit, she felt that Ma Steel's civilized production had not only consolidated but also developed and improved compared to what she had seen on her first visit, leaving a deep impression on her. After leaving Masteel, he went to Wuhan Iron and Steel, where he began to say, "Masteel is a flower in Jiangnan.". Then he spoke to companies such as Taiyuan Iron and Steel Group and Canggang, saying, "Ma Steel is a flower in Jiangnan.".

At the end of May 1965, Manager Shen Yinluo of Wuhan Iron and Steel Corporation led a delegation of 22 people, including the factory director and party secretary, to become one of the first units in the national metallurgical system to visit civilized production in Ma Steel.

In late June, Guo Porter, Secretary of the Party Committee of the First Steelmaking Plant of Ansteel, brought people from Wuhan Iron and Steel to visit civilized production. After the visit, he wrote a letter to Comrade Wang Heshou, the former Minister of Metallurgy who was already working at Ansteel, detailing his observations and feelings at the company, and suggested organizing more people to appreciate the "Jiangnan Flower".

On July 10th, Wang Heshou instructed to distribute this letter to all cadres of Ansteel (including section chiefs and all staff members in the organization) to take a look.

In late August, Ansteel organized a study team of over 100 people to come to Masteel and divide them into 13 groups for professional visits and discussions.

They have confirmed that Ma Steel has made significant progress in the past two years and is worth learning from by other enterprises.

On September 15th, the Ministry of Metallurgy forwarded this report to metallurgical enterprises across the country with document (65) Yedang Zi No. 118. On the same day, the on-site meeting of Anhui Province's industrial and communication enterprises was held at Magang. More than 400 industrial and communication enterprise leaders from the province attended the meeting and visited civilized production.

On November 5th, the Ministry of Metallurgy held a civilized production on-site meeting at Masteel, with 300 party secretaries, managers, and factory and mine managers from 119 enterprises attending the meeting. At this conference, Ma Steel was hailed as the "flower of Jiangnan" in the national metallurgical front.

On November 3, 1993 and January 6, 1994, Ma Steel's H-shares and A-shares were successfully listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and the Shanghai Stock Exchange, respectively. Ma Steel is known as the "number one steel company in China".

With a beautiful wish in mind, Anlps has started creating a plan. Such a powerful and excellent enterprise needs to build an internationally first-class control center. How to carry out the design work of the control console is truly a challenging task. Burning the midnight oil and fighting at night, hanging a beam and piercing a thigh, diligence alone seems to be not enough. Through extensive reading of materials, multiple communications with departments, dozens of meetings with construction units, and hundreds of revisions to plans. A highly anticipated plan is gradually emerging.

Combining the concept of "One Flower in Jiangnan", the decision support center, generation command center, operation management center, and technology integration center are integrated into a smart control center of over 2580 square meters. Taking its rich and numerous meanings, more than 170 seats are designed with a layout and shape of blooming flowers. The theme of the plan is "Sheng", which also wishes Ma Steel a prosperous, prosperous, and beautiful future!

Because of dedication, peace of mind is a slogan, not just a slogan, but also a code of conduct for Anlps to do things. In the face of the development trend of the steel industry, we have designed "Sheng" for Ma Steel and achieved "Sheng". If we do everything in our power to think for our customers, we naturally have no shame. When no one knows, there is still heaven, earth, and mountains and seas that know, they are always there without bias. We guide our behavior with our hearts, like a gentle breeze that naturally brings peace of mind.

因为用心 所以安心



At present, China is in a period of deepening industrialization, informatization, marketization, and internationalization, and its economic and social structure is facing significant transformation; The competition in the industry and cost control have also put forward new and higher requirements for the management of various links in production; The informatization and intelligence of the market have also put forward stricter standards for the quality of enterprises.

Anlps always regards peace of mind as the core value of the enterprise, and implements control over all aspects of production to ensure the correctness and rigor of each process. In the early stage of sales, it is necessary to confirm the drawings with the customer and sign them before entering the structural design process. The production of the drawings and the preparation of the processing operation manual should be carried out, and after confirmation, they should be sent to the factory. The factory also uses the SAP enterprise management system, which is a technical leader in global enterprise management software and solutions. It is the system that considers enterprise architecture, financial control, and production management in the most detailed way. Its advantage is that it has strict quality control, which can control every step of the production process of products, and can be well controlled in advance.

The planning team will make production arrangements based on the number of drawings, delivery deadlines, etc., determine the production time, and issue drawings to the production workshop.

Details are the best way to reflect the strength of a company. Whether it is processing or production processes, details determine success or failure as our slogan. Dimensional tolerances can be calculated in millimeters, with tolerances controlled within millimeters. The joints are formed as a whole, and after completion, all inspection processes are carried out to remake products that do not meet the standards. It is essential to ensure that our products leave the factory without any problems.

The inspection standards of the factory are a prerequisite for project delivery. Only by carefully controlling all the details in the early stage can we achieve flawless results. Anlps has adhered to this tradition for many years, always putting quality first, and maintaining a highly rigorous attitude both in the early and later stages.

The high standards and strict requirements for oneself are important reasons why Anlps can develop rapidly. Because of dedication, peace of mind is a slogan, not just a slogan, but also a code of conduct for Anlps to do things. If we do everything in our power to think for our customers, we will naturally feel worthy.


Hugo said, "Nature is a kind and loving mother, but also a cruel butcher." Everything depends on how we get along with it.

When the huge waves of economic development roll in, urbanization turns into forests made of steel and cement, and the vast land raises dust and haze, with blue skies and clear waters hard to find. Climate change and unpredictability, global warming, glacier melting, and environmental issues have become hot topics of concern.

Man and nature are always an inseparable community with a shared future. Protecting the environment and promoting harmonious coexistence between people and the environment has always been the direction of Anlps ' efforts, and the selection of control panel materials also adheres to the use of sustainable and environmentally friendly materials.

Environmentally friendly materials, as the name suggests, refer to materials with low pollution and low emissions. Anlps uses environmentally friendly boards that do not release formaldehyde and have formaldehyde free exemption certification. They are not only smooth, structurally uniform and symmetrical, and have a solid surface, but also have good dimensional stability, high strength, environmental protection, flame retardancy, and weather resistance.

The surface of the console surface is bonded with advanced HPL, and the design principle is to maximize material utilization while ensuring sufficient strength. Various shapes are designed and matched according to different scenarios and needs, adhering to the principle of maximizing the utilization rate of each material and board.

On the premise of meeting the material functional requirements of the product and considering aesthetic requirements, the console adheres to the principle of sustainable development, adopts as many environmentally friendly and recyclable standard parts and materials as possible, saves resources, reduces the generation of harmful substances in the production process, reduces the load on the human working environment, and provides users with a green, healthy, and comfortable office environment, Make a good ecological environment a support for sustainable global economic and social development.